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This Week@Wesley

  1. this week at wesley

October 13, 2017


Hello Everyone


This Week@Wesley, you will want to be aware of the following.

1.    The NDG Food Depot has just moved into their new location at 6450 Somerled Ave. in the old Antico Martini restaurant. They are excited to have a more permanent home with such great facilities.  Let’s welcome them to their new home with a house warming gift of non perishable food items for their food basket distribution. Bring your items to church on Sunday and then we will make a special delivery with our welcome message.

2.    Congregation Dorshei Emet has invited us to join them for an Interfaith Movie Night and Discussion on Saturday, October 21 at 6:30pm at their synagogue found at 18 Cleve Rd, Hampstead. We will watch the movie ‘Noah” starring Russell Crowe which will be followed by a discussion led by Rabbi Boris and myself.


A friend has an account on Instagram called Knitting2017. On this account she posts a picture of her knitting everyday for all of 2017(at least so far). She does not make any comments and the background changes from day to day. The idea is that she will knit everyday throughout 2017 - no matter what. I am intrigued by her intentional practice of daily knitting. For one thing it ensures that she gets a lot of knitting done, but I expect there is more to it than that. As a working Mom to three active boys, I suspect it is one way she takes care of herself.  But though I doubt she would name it this way, I see it as a spiritual practice; a way for her to connect to her inner self, to centre her spirit, to find a place of calm and to connect with the Creator as she creates in her own right.


A lot of people engage in some sort of regular activity in their lives. For some of us it is creative: knitting, sewing, making art, cooking, writing and the like. For others, connection is found through physical exercise or movement: running, swimming, dancing, yoga.  Still others connect to their inner selves through intellectual pursuits. For children play is often involved.  


Whatever you might do to connect with your inner being, with your spirit, I would like to suggest that this is the way you pray.  Yes, you read that correctly, that activity that we love the most is often a way that we pray. I know that many of you think prayer is something only to be done in church, or before we go to sleep, but I want to encourage us to understand that prayer has much broader possibilities. I want to encourage you to explore those possibilities and reflect on how they are a part of a rich prayer life and a deeper sense of God’s presence. I hope you will think about how what you do is a part of your prayer life and embrace it as such.   


I hope to see you at worship on Sunday. Have a great weekend.