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September 13, 2019


Hi All,


Well, it is Friday the 13th! For some this is a lucky day, for others it is filled with superstition. For some it means watching a good horror film. For me it is none of the above. I am not superstitious and so good or bad luck does not come into the picture. For me it is just another day.  


I could certainly look at my day on any Friday the 13th and figure out what was lucky and unlucky on that one day and ascribe it to the date, but as I say I am not superstitious. The thing is, we can always look at a day and assign that which is good to luck and that which is bad to bad luck; a date doesn’t make thins one way or another.  My preference is to look at everything that happens to me in my daily living as a part of life. Some things are good, some are bad. The thing that I do know is, good or bad, I am never in it alone. Sure I have my beloved beside me and friends and family to support me, but I also have the accompaniment and presence of God. God walks along side me and everyone in all things. I know this and I find it helps a lot, especially when the road is tough.


Knowing God’s presence in my life and in all I do does not make my life better, so much as it makes the experience of the good and the bad better.  The promise that God is with me opens me to seeing the good in even the worst of situations. The presence of God gives me strength in the face of difficulty and challenge. It deepens my joy, and broadens my compassion for others. It reminds me to be a presence for others that reflects God’s love and to, hopefully, make someone else’s tough time just a bit easier.


I don’t really believe in good luck, but I do believe in God and in a way that makes me lucky all of the time!


This week at Wesley, we are having our Welcome Back Sunday. The children are welcomed back to Sunday school which starts up once again.  All of us are welcomed back into the community of Wesley after our summer break and we do this through our service of worship and our Pot Luck lunch after worship. Please bring a food contribution for everyone to share. After lunch, the Sunday School teachers will be gathering for their sign up meeting.


As well, we continue to collect school supplies for St. Columba House.  At this time they are looking for: calculators, scissors, white-out, dividers, pens, geometry sets, backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles.


It is going to be a busy Sunday. I hope to see you all there.


Rev. Heather