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July 12, 2019


Hi All


It is another beautiful day but wow, the rain yesterday was something else. I hope you all stayed dry.  We faired just fine in the rain and wet department, but during the evening thunder storms our power went out. As the minutes and then hours ticked by, I figured that something had been hit by lightening and it was going to take a while before the lights came back on. In our case it was just over 6 hours.


Our outage was long enough to remind us of all the things we take for granted where the power is concerned. We had planned a bowl of soup for supper, but that got changed to something cold. Of course, we didn’t leave the fridge door open for long in our search for options!  We lit candles when it got dark and used flash lights. Our cell phones kept us in touch with the world because our land line doesn’t work without electricity. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to knit in the dark and I really missed watching the news at 10. In the end we went to bed early and read by flashlight - it reminded me of camping trips of the past. Thankfully the rain had cooled things down, so with opened windows we did not miss the AC! When the power came on just after midnight I was already asleep, but the TV and lights woke me up so I simply got up to turn them off.


Things like power outages, shutdown of a Metro line, a flat tire or a frozen water pipe serve to remind us of how dependent we are on the modern conveniences. But last night I was also reminded on the one thing that we all can rely on - no matter what. As I sat in the candle light having a conversation with my beloved and our houseguest, I remembered that one thing was still on and that was God and God’s presence in our lives. Sure we were in the dark, but I never felt safer because I knew I was wrapped in God’s loving arms. I hope, whether you lost power or not, that you too, always wrapped in the unfailing presence of God.


This week at Wesley, Aaron returns to the pulpit. I hope to see some of you there as I continue to recover from my jaw surgery.  


Have a great weekend.
Rev. Heather