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July 13, 2017


Hi All



Do you consider yourself to be lucky or unlucky?  Yesterday I was listening to an expert on luck - yes apparently this is an area of academic study! In his research he discovered that people who were more open in their outlook on life and its events considered themselves to be lucky more often than those who had a narrower vision. They came to this conclusion after asking people if they were lucky or not and then gave them the following test. The subjects in the study were given a special newspaper and asked to report how many pictures it contained. There was no time limit mentioned and in the text of the newspaper there was a line that read, “There are 43 pictures in this paper.” There was also a line in that read, “If you are reading this, go to the researcher and they will give you $250.”  In every instance, those who reported themselves as lucky found one of the two lines about the number of pictures or the money. Those who named themselves as unlucky found neither.


I find it very interesting that luck is self-determined and not determined by any kind of cosmic activity. I guess that means a horse shoe is just a horse shoe!  All this talk of luck, got me to wondering about God, our faith and belief? Do they operate in a similar way?  If we open ourselves to the possibility of the presence of God, will we experience the presence of God more often? If we look for evidence of the Kingdom of God, will we find it?


In my own experience, it is far easier to see and recognize the presence of God when I am open to the possibility of it. Likewise, if I have no interest in the Kingdom, it is unlikely that I will discover it.  Most often I find the presence of God and the Kingdom of God alive and kicking in our world, so I guess that means I must be pretty open to it. Does that make me lucky?  It sure does, but my lucky faith is not something for only me.  It is something that we can all access, if we but open ourselves and our eyes to see what is already there!


This week at Wesley I am preaching on the idea of dancing our faith.


I hope to see you all there.


Rev. Heather