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This Week@Wesley

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November 17, 2017


Hello Everyone


The day is young and I have found that already I have experienced three joy filled moments that I want to share with you. I opened the front door to get the paper this morning and was greeted by the crisp, cold air and it made my heart skip a beat. I love this kind of cold and getting to bundle up in cozy sweaters and fuzzy mittens!  Not five minutes later, the sun burst out of the clouds, making bright spots all over the house where the sun shines in through the windows.  Is it cliche to say my day has brightened up as a result? The third joyful thing in my morning came as I made the bed and something pink caught my eye. Lo and behold the Christmas cactus hanging in the window is covered with little pink buds that will no doubt spring open in joyous colour in the next few days. I am so grateful for the simple things of life that Creation and the Creator shares with me on a daily basis.


Oh, I have one more joy inducing thing to share with you. This past week I have been knitting Izzy dolls for Health Partners International Canada. These are little hand knit or crocheted dolls that are no more than six inches tall and stuffed with soft fill. The Izzy dolls help to cushion the medicines as they travel and then are given to local children for toys and comfort. I hope the love I stitched into each one will be felt by the children who get them.  If you want more information on the Izzy dolls - a Canadian project that began back in 1990’s with Canadian Peacekeepers, just google Izzy dolls and there is lots to read, including knitting and crochet patterns if you want to make some yourself.


This week at Wesley, Selina Mullin will once again be in our pulpit leading you in worship and Sunday School will be available for the children as usual.


Have a great weekend.