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April 30, 2021



Hi All,


Last week I wrote about how the change in weather had caused our tulips to freeze, and how betrayed I felt by the weather. I was certain that these flowers had been lost. However, to my great surprise, they have thawed and are blooming beautifully! Have a look at these pictures,  and you can see the difference for yourself!



I guess that means my theme for today is resilience. We hear the word resilience quite a bit these days. People talk about how resilient we are in the face of COVID restrictions and how well people have adjusted. I remember when it was first mandated that high school students must wear masks in school, but soon it was realized that it was important that all children wear masks in school. Many worried the younger children would not be able to do it, but they did just fine! It seems like we all can adjust to almost anything and if we doubted that, the last 13 months have taught us otherwise.


So what about our faith? Are we as resilient where our faith is concerned? Have we adjusted to what COVID has meant for our spiritual lives? I think the answer is yes. We have certainly adjusted to online worship and I know for myself, my sense of God’s presence has, for the most part, felt stronger. I wonder if our resilience comes from the reality that we know there is more at stake, after all the loss of the last year. Maybe our resilience has come because we have learned a little more about what really matters. Maybe my sense that God is closer than I had imagined is because I have learned, in a new way, that God’s presence really matters when things like COVID happen, when anything hard happens.  Whatever resilience in your life and faith mean to you, I hope you are feeling the strength that comes from recognizing that you are as resilient as our frozen tulips.


This week at Wesley,  Sunday school for the children begins at 9:30 am on Sunday morning, with worship for everyone following at 10:30 am; see the Zoom links below. I am off this weekend and Aaron Miechkota will be taking the service. I also want to send thanks, on behalf of the church, to any who have made a recent financial contribution to the church. If you are thinking, ‘Oh, I should have made an offering,’ it is not too late. Just click on Canada Helps and you can make a one-time or ongoing monthly donation.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Rev. Heather


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