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October 22, 2021





Hi All,




Last Sunday, after church, Ellie and I went for a drive to see the fall colours. We headed up the way to Oka. At some point, Ellie said, “I wish we could just drive upon one of those hills and be surrounded by the coloured leaves.” I responded, “Well, just turn up one of these roads and see where it takes us.” So she did! 


We saw the most glorious colours. We discovered a place to buy freshly laid eggs and saw the hens who had laid them. We saw the blue-green and purple cabbage fields and smelled a half-picked field of Brussel sprouts. I did not know what Brussel sprouts looked like when growing until last week. We bought some apples and carrots and garlic at a farm stand and filled our gas tank at Kanastake. The only part of the adventure that was tricky was making sure we got back to the main road, but we did and the whole afternoon was wonderful.


The best part of the drive was all the things we discovered by taking a chance. We did not know what we would find, but there was a surprise around every corner. I think our faith is a lot like that. When we just let go of what we think it should be like and see where God leads us, we will be surprised at where God might take us.


This week at Wesley I will be speaking about a man in the Bible who spoke out until Jesus heard him and what that meant in his life.  Church activities this week are on Zoom. Worship is at 10:30 and Sunday School is at 9:30.  You can find the links below.


I hope you have a good weekend.

See you on Sunday.


Rev. Heather



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